Sunday, January 6, 2013

Clara Watson Alber 1890's Unionville, Missouri

This is a cabinet card of Clara Watson Alber.

 Her outfit is gorgeous! She is wearing a dark dress with a long, elaborate white lace collar and large, puffy sleeves. You can just make out the lovely beading on her sleeves and at the top of her skirt. She is accessorized with rings, a brooch, and a long necklace that is tucked behind a bow on her waist, probably so it wouldn't dangle too much. The hat that is beside her is adorned with ribbons, bows, flowers, and lace- just as much as the hat-maker could pile on! Propped up below the hat is a simple umbrella. I wonder if it was sunny or raining that day?

If you know who this may be, let us know in the comments!


  1. She was a quite confident lady, wasn't she?
    Glad to have found you via GeneaBloggers, and wishing you much success!

  2. So glad you are now with Geneabloggers I look forward to seeing all of your finds.

  3. She is a bit of a mystery. The only Clara Alber I can find that seems to fit the date married George Alber in 1893 and lived near Columbus Ohio. That Clara may or may not have been a "Watson" - I couldn't find anything about her maiden name or middle name (which ever the case this may be...)

  4. This is a cool blog concept. I also walk through antique stores looking for photos, but most of them have no names. I look forward to seeing more of your finds. I hope you are able to connect some with their families!