Thursday, April 4, 2013

Unknown Men January 20th, 1911 Bowman, North Dakota

This is a Real Photo Postcard  of two men posing in front of a partially-finished sod house. I have a feeling they were pretty proud of their work so far!

The back reads:

Summers weather in Bowman Co. on Jan, 20- 1911

Mrs. L Rodlin
Canton, Minnesota

If you know this may be, let us know in the comments!


  1. Given that the photo was taken in North Dakota, I think the address is actually Canton, Minnesota.

    There is (in a large number of Rodlin's living in Canton around the time of the photo. Lars Evenson Rodlin for one.

  2. A Louis Peder Rodlin (Lewie P) (1885-1948) owned property in Grain Belt, Bowman County, North Dakota in 1917. His wife's name was Olga.

    His WWI draft registration says he had lost a leg and an arm!

    1. To: Intense guy,

      First I shall ask are you of Rodlin ancestry? If so, we would be related.

      My grandfather was Lewie Peder Rodlin and was married to Olga Helena Frederickson Aus. They had homesteaded to Bowman. Their first born, Lillian was born there in 1911. They ended up leaving there and moving back to Nome, ND where Lewie's parents lived and where Lewie was born in 1885.

      Lewie's parents were Edward Rodlin and Thea Vie and lived in Nome ND.

      Edward had a brother named Peter (1875-1922). Their parents were Lars Evenson Rodlin and Johanna Evensdatter Ouren. They immigrated from Stange, Hedmark, Norway with 5 children in 1866.

      I believe my grandfather, Lewie Peder was a namesake to his paternal uncle Peter. My grandfather had not lost an arm and a leg, so I believe the Peter you speak of would be the elder, the uncle. He did live in Canton as did his parents Lars and Johanna.

      I never met my grandfather, Lewie. He died by electrocution while helping to move a house 29 Oct. 1948 in Barnes County, ND. My dad, Leland, who was just shy of 27 years old, carried him from the roof of the house. He never spoke about it.

      Janice Rodlin Henschel
      Devils Lake, ND

    2. This is a fascinating story, though I am sorry to hear about your grandfather. Thank you so much for sharing! I love hearing from the families of the people in the photos I post. A while back, I decided to donate this photograph to the Pioneer Trails Regional Museum in Bowman County, North Dakota. If you are ever passing that way, I think it would be interesting to go check out the museum. They might have more information about the area and even your family that would be of interest to you. :)