Friday, January 2, 2015

Freda Minder and Friend 1910's, Herkimer, Kansas

"aren't we sweet? Freda Minder and girl friend Rachel(?)"

"I suppose you are
home again. I wanted
to write sooner but u
must excuse me
this time, I'll try
and do better next time.
Come to see me soon.
Love from all

At first glance this seemed to be nothing more than a picture postcard of two friends posing and having a nice time- until I realized it was addressed to Emma Zimmerling, the same Emma from this post! Thanks to the address, Home, Kansas, I was able to find Emma and her sisters as well as Freda Minder.
The Zimmerling's were German immigrants and their father, Ernst Zimmerling, was a farmer. Ernst and his wife Carolina had 10 children, including Emma, Bertha, and Anna. Emma married Henry W E Kossow who, like her father, was a German immigrant farmer. They had no children, though Bertha, who never married, lived with them. Emma died in 1967.

Freda Minder was born in Switzerland to parents Adolph and Rosa Minder, who initially came to Home, Kansas before settling in Herkimer (I have a feeling Freda met Emma during their brief time in there). Adolph ran a harness shop in Herkimer until his death in 1906. On May 10th, 1914, Freda married successful businessman John H. Krug. She died in 1945.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Vera Usleton 1910's, Texas

I'm sorry for my unexpected absence, but I should be back to posting pictures as usual!

The young woman in this photograph is Vera Usleton and judging by her dress and hairstyle, it was taken in the late 1910's. The edge of the photo is slightly crimped as if it were pressed into a frame. After a little research, I found that she and her family lived on a farm in Kaufman, Texas. She had 2 brothers and 4 sisters.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Unknown Young Woman, 1880's-90's

Here is another unknown photograph, this time of a young woman. The photographer, Genelli, operated at 923 Olive Street in St. Louis from around 1885 to 1900. Her curly, frizzy bangs are very characteristic of the 80's, though her collar would have been more fashionable in the 70's.

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Swimming Family, 1910's

Here is a very candid snapshot of a family taking a dip in a lake from the 1910's. Almost makes me want to go for a swim!

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Unknown Little Boy, 1860's

For the next few days, I'll be posting some "unknown" photographs from my collection starting with this tintype of a little boy. His cheeks have been lightly tinted pink and his hair has been puffed up in the front, a hairstyle fairly common for young boys in the 60's.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Clint and Myrtle Young 1890's, Lincoln, Nebraska

"Mr. Clint Young
Bethany (?) R1"

With the help of, I identified this couple as Clint and Myrtle Young of Lincoln, Nebraska. Clint was a farmer born in Illinois. With Myrtle he had three children: Joie, Clifford, and Pearl.

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mrs. W.J. Harris 1890's, Rose Hill, Kansas

According to her Find a Grave memorial, Ann Elizabeth Ratcliffe Harris had "No special gifts or peculiarities of mind or body. She was very easy to get along with and made many friends. For amusements she liked to read." and was a "Very active church member." It also says she had "Mumps, Measles in childhood. Dark brown hair, Straight hair, Blue eyes, Blond skin, Right handed. Heavier in old age. Chronic stomach trouble. Good hearing until last few years."

Her obituary reads:  "Mrs. W.J. Harris passed away Friday morning, May 3rd. In the passing away of Mrs. Harris another Land mark has been removed. She was a very active church worker all her life until the last few years. She could not get out but has always shown a great interest and was always asking about her church and regretting she could not help. She was the main factor in organizing the Ladies Aid Society and was the president from the time of its organizing in the eighties until the last few years and held an honorary office up to her death. The funeral services were conducted by her pastor, Rev. Pents.

Ann Elizabeth Ratcliffe was born in Geneva, New York. She passed away aged 80 years, 5 months and 2 days. She was married October 15, 1856 and moved to Illinois. They then moved to Topeka in 1877 and to Rose Hill in 1879, locating at the present home east of town. The following children survive: W.N. Harris, Mrs. Anna McWilliams, Miss Laura and Miss Sarah Harris, all of Rose Hill; Mrs. Ida Berry of Mecca, Indiana, Mrs. Emma Vickers of Wichita, J.M. Harris of Chicago."


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