Monday, December 31, 2012

Sybil and Tennie Guillory and Reinhardt (?) 1920's

This is the last picture I have of Pearl's family. Pearl Cockfield eventually married Jules Barre around 1920. This is an Artura Real Photo Postcard of Jules's cousins, Sybil and Tennie Guillory, and Sybil's husband, Rheinhardt(?). I'm not sure where the picture was taken, most likely in Louisiana.

"Rheinhardt(?) - & wife- Sybil
Tennie Guillory
Jules's Cousins"

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pearl Cockfield 1917 Natchitoches, Louisiana

As a teenager, Pearl attended the Louisiana Normal School, a college for teachers in her hometown of Natchitoches. According to the back of the photograph, she is in the very center of the bottom row. So here is Pearl, about 18 or 19 years old:

 She and many of the other girls in the photo are wearing what look like sailor-style dresses and similar hair-do's. Pearl herself is sporting a pretty pair of white shoes with black buckles. I can't help but notice how much she looks like her mother!

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bonito Cockfield (Pearl's Brother) Nachitoches, Louisiana

Here's a baby picture of Pearl's older brother, Bonito, who was about ten years older than she was. He grew up to marry a lady named Eddie (short for Edwina?) and worked as a plant superintendent.

I found some other photographs taken by J.J. Burke, but little information about the photographer himself. Searching his name on the internet, however, brought up a surprise- a picture of Pearl's brother, Archie. He had apparently served as a wagoner in the first World War and died of disease during this time. I imagine how terrible this must have been for Pearl and her family.

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Alice Cockfield (Pearl's Mother) Natchitoches, Louisiana

Here is a cabinet card of Pearl's mother, Alice Cockfield, wife of William Cockfield. She mothered about ten children that lived past infancy, including Pearl and a her older brother, Bonito, whose picture I will post tomorrow. I can find no information on the photographer, Robertshaw.

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Pearl Cockfield 1890's Natchitoches, Louisiana

For the next few days I'll be posting pictures of Pearl Cockfield and her family. Pearl was born in October of 1897, so this picture is definitely from the 90's. The picture wasn't in very good condition when I got it and someone had tried to tape it up, but the picture itself is very clear. I love the little anchors on the arm chair peeking out from behind the blanket!

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Unknown Girl 1874(?) Aylesbury, Great Britain

This is a peculiar little photograph. There is no information of the lady pictured, but there is quite a lot about the photographers.

"Patronized by Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen, their royal highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales. Members and Medallists of the Photographic Society of Great Britain. Mr and Mrs. S.G. Payne, artists and photographers, 43 New Road, Aylesbury."

Though the back was damaged by a carelessly placed sticker, it's clear that these were very good photographers. In fact, the Photographic Society of Great Britain still exists today under the name the Royal Photographic Society, or RPS. The society wasn't called the Photographic Society of Great Britain until about 1874, a little after Mr. S.G. Payne started including his wife on the back of the photographs. Female photographers weren't very common back then!

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Unknown Family 1920's-30's

 This lovely little family caught my eye the other day. This is an Azo Real Photo postcard and the stamp box suggest it's from the twenties or thirties. It looks like the man is wearing some sort of fedora and a single-breasted, striped suit. Both he and his wife are wearing glasses. I love the little boots on the children- a boy and a girl maybe? On the back it reads:

"We are just home from Sunday School and the children are tired and hungry and not very anxious to have their picture snapped."

Sadly, there are no locations or names given.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jerry McFadden and Grandma Ream 1948 James Place, Wellington, Kansas


This is Jerry McFadden and Grandma Ream sharing a birthday party. Little Jerry looks like he's holding a cake and the two of them are wearing their best clothes! The cake appears to have 6 candles. Maybe Jerry is turning 6?

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