Friday, September 10, 2021

Marjorie Long Bishop and Ida Brant Freeman, Rahway, New Jersey 1900s

"Marjorie Long      ?       Ida Brant Freeman"

Only two of this wonderful trio are identified. The gentleman in the middle with the fancy hat and umbrella is unfortunately labeled with only a question mark. I was, however, able to find out a bit more about our ladies here.

Marjorie Long was the only daughter of Nathaniel Long and Jennie Brant. She was born in February 1888 in Rahway, New Jersey. Her father Nathaniel was an electrician at a time when electricity in homes was still fairly new. The family's home in Rahway was just 4 miles from Roselle, New Jersey, which in 1883 became the first town lit by electricity as part of a demonstration by Thomas Edison. 

The Longs lived with Jennie's sister, Maggie Brant, her husband, Lindley Freeman, and their daughter, Ida. Ida was born in July 1882, just 6 years older than Marjorie. Though they were cousins, I have to imagine the two girls grew up as sisters. 

Maggie Brant died in 1893 at just 31 years old, leaving her husband a widower and Ida without a mother at age 11. Lindley and Ida continued to live with the Longs while Lindley worked as a painter. 

In 1908, 20-year-old Marjorie married Edward Bishop. Edward worked as a freight manager for a steamship. Together they had two sons, Robert and Everett. 

Ida, meanwhile, got a job as a maid for the Dennis family in Marlboro, New Jersey. She continued to work as a maid for many years. In the 1940 census, her occupation is listed as "practical nurse" and she is lodging in the home of a Mr. and Mrs. Crawford. 

Marjorie Long Bishop lived to be 75 years old and passed away in October 1963. 

Ida Brant Freeman passed away 5 years later in 1968 at age 86.

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