Sunday, July 17, 2016

Everett Schadt 1930's, Galveston, Texas

"Everett Schadt
on the 'Morgan'
horse at
Frazier Ranch in
Bosque County,

Everett Schadt was born in Galveston, Texas in 1902. He had four older siblings: Charles, Lillian, Myrtle, and William F,  and one younger brother Louis. His mother, Emma Ida Schadt, was also born in Galveston to German immigrant parents. His father William died in 1917 when Everett was only 15.  Everett married Lillian Martin sometime after 1920 and died in 1991 in Manchaca, Travis County, Texas.

I looked up Frazier Ranch in Bosque County and according to one article I found, "In Bosque County Frasier and a Mr. Steiner were partners in raising horses...The nearest market for horses was Galveston, so Frasier and Steiner drove their horses from Clifton to Galveston." It makes sense that Everett Schadt would have visited there since the ranch was so close to his home in Galveston.