Thursday, January 13, 2022

Sarah Parsons Bascom, New Haven, Connecticut 1890s

"Mrs. Horace Bascom
Aug 1890"

The woman in these two photographs is labeled as both "Sallie Parsons Bascom" and "Mrs. Horace Bascom." The portraits were probably taken a few years apart- the first in August 1890 (when she was 49), and the second sometime in the mid to late 1890s based on her large sleeves. I knew she must have been somewhat well-off based on her fashionable clothes and the fact that she was able to have 2 formal portraits done so close together.

Sarah Elizabeth Parsons was born in Massachusetts in 1841 to parents Justus Smith Parsons and his wife, Mindwell.  Sarah was the youngest of their 3 children and had 2 older brothers, Charles and Henry. 

"Sallie Parsons Bascom"

On January 4th, 1871, 29-year-old Sarah married Horace Sheldon Bascom in Huntington, Massachusetts. Horace was a dentist from Southampton. He had studied dentistry in Batavia, New York before returning home to Massachusetts. After Sarah and Horace’s marriage, the couple settled in New Haven, Connecticut, where he continued to practice dentistry. They had 3 daughters: Bessie (born 1876), Jessie (born 1878), and Helen (born 1879). Also living with them in 1880 were Horace’s mother, Betsy, and a 22-year-old servant, Mary Parker.

In 1900, the Bascoms held the wedding of their daughter, Jessie, in their home on College Street. According to the Morning-Journal Courier, the front parlor was filled with palms, ferns, and white roses as Jessie married John Henry Hill.

The youngest Bascom daughter, Helen, decided to follow in her father's footsteps and attended Pennsylvania Dental College. In 1902,  she was granted a license to practice dentistry in the state of Connecticut. She would go on to marry a fellow dentist, Fred Strong Frary, in 1909.

Their eldest daughter, Bessie, also married a doctor, Dr. William P. Lang, in 1910.

Sarah Parsons Bascom passed away at home in September 1904 at the age of 62. Her brief obituary notes that funeral services were held in the home before she was buried in Southington, (though I believe they mean "Southhampton") Massachusetts. Horace followed her in May 1908 at age 63. 

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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Bettie and Phil Stroud, Temple, Texas 1900s

"Aunt Bettie and Uncle Phil Stroud"

Philip Stroud was born in Conway, Arkansas on August 17th, 1854. He was the youngest of Lucinda Stroud's 5 children. I couldn't find a record of Philip's father, as I believe he died when Philip was very young. His widowed mother, Lucinda, supported her family by working as a farmer.

In 1880, Philip married Calista Elizabeth Owens, who I believe is the "Aunt Bettie" in this photo. Calista was born in Tennessee in 1857 to G.W. Owens. She married Philip in Arkansas at age 23. The couple settled first in La Crosse, Arkansas, where they lived with Philip's sister Margaret and a niece. Philip was mainly employed as a farmer. In 1892, he was appointed postmaster to the nearby town of Lunenburg. 

The Strouds went on to have a total of 6 children, though only 3 would survive to adulthood. Their oldest, Georgia, was born in Arkansas in 1883. Gillum, their only surviving son, arrived in 1888. Meldia was born just a few years later in 1891. 

By 1900, the Strouds had relocated to Temple, Texas, where Philip again worked as a farmer. In 1902, Georgia Stroud married J.H. Cooper. In May of the next year, she passed away at just 19 years old.  The grave of the Stroud's oldest daughter bears the inscription: "Our darling one hath gone before, To greet us on the blissful shore."

Gillum married Emma Davis in 1904 when they were both 16. The couple had 2 children.
Meldia married James Finis McSpadden in 1910 at age 18. They had 3 children.

In June 1914, Philip and Calista moved to Wayne, Oklahoma. Philip soon fell ill. According to his obituary, "his sickness was of three weeks duration in which time he suffered much from the malady, cancer..." Philip Stroud died on August 16th, 1914 at age 59. His obituary reveals how deeply he was loved and respected by his community. It notes that Philip was, among other things, "an honest man," someone whose "generous nature...tender regards...charitable and sympathetic disposition had won the love and respect of all the good and tender in the community." 

Calista lived another 12 years until February 1926, when she fell ill with pneumonia. She passed away at age 69.

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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Lucinda and Joseph Ritenour, Xenia, Ohio 1880s

These photographs are of Joseph Ritenour and his wife, Lucinda, the in-laws of Robert Wainwright from my last post. 

Joseph R. Ritenour was born in Virginia in 1834. He was a farmer and veteran of the Civil War, having served in the Union army in the 73rd Regiment, Ohio Infantry, Company D. He married his wife, Lucinda Little, on October 25th, 1860. Lucinda was born in Ohio in 1839 and grew up there with her 5 siblings. Before her marriage, she worked as a teacher in Ross, Ohio.

Joseph and Lucinda had 5 children, the third of which was Anna (wife of Robert Wainwright), born in 1863.

Lucinda passed away in 1898 at age 59. Joseph followed her 16 years in 1914 at age 80 after suffering from paralysis. 

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Friday, October 8, 2021

Dr. Robert Leever Wainwright, Xenia, Ohio 1880s

The photograph has some water damage, so I cleaned up the image in Photoshop.

Robert Leever Wainwright was born in Ohio in 1855 to Redding Wainwright, a farmer, and his wife, Elizabeth Leever. Robert was the youngest of the Wainwrights' 6 children. 

Though initially he worked as a farm laborer with his father and brothers, he eventually became a physician. After his father passed away in 1878, Robert lived with his mother in Jefferson, Ohio.

Robert married Anna Elizabeth Ritenour in Greene County, Ohio, on October 28th, 1883 when he was 27 years old. Tragically, they were married only a few months when Robert passed away on May 25th, 1884. This photograph, which I would date to the 1880s, may have been one of the last taken of him. In his will, he left to his widow Anna his surgical instruments, medical books, and a horse and buggy among other things.

Anna would eventually remarry in 1890 to Daniel Erastus Little, with whom she had 3 daughters.

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Friday, October 1, 2021

Henry and Andrew Hawkins, Owatonna, Minnesota 1890s

Andrew Haakensen was born in Laerdal, Sogn, Norway in 1862. His brother, Henry, was born in 1865. They were the sons of Haakon Olson and Anna Haagensdatter Vold. The family immigrated to the United States around 1873. Upon arrival, the family shortened their name from Haakensen to Haken, and eventually to the more American Hawkins. They settled in Wayne, Iowa, where their father, now going by Olson Haken, worked as a laborer. 

Andrew married in 1894 to Synneva Monson Groethe, who would eventually go by Sarah. The couple had three sons, Hagbarth (b. 1894), Adolph (b. 1896), and Carman (b. 1906). Andrew supported his family by working as a farmer in LeRoy, Minnesota, which is about an hour away from Owatonna, where this photo was taken. 

Henry married a few years after his brother in 1897 and, coincidentally, also married a Sarah. Henry and Sarah made their home in LeRoy, where Henry ran a dry goods store and became well-known in the community as a successful businessman. They had one son, Tillman, born in 1902.

Andrew lived in LeRoy for the rest of his life, passing away there in 1931 at age 69. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find the year of Henry's death. 

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Friday, September 10, 2021

Marjorie Long Bishop and Ida Brant Freeman, Rahway, New Jersey 1900s

"Marjorie Long      ?       Ida Brant Freeman"

Only two of this wonderful trio are identified. The gentleman in the middle with the fancy hat and umbrella is unfortunately labeled with only a question mark. I was, however, able to find out a bit more about our ladies here.

Marjorie Long was the only daughter of Nathaniel Long and Jennie Brant. She was born in February 1888 in Rahway, New Jersey. Her father Nathaniel was an electrician at a time when electricity in homes was still fairly new. The family's home in Rahway was just 4 miles from Roselle, New Jersey, which in 1883 became the first town lit by electricity as part of a demonstration by Thomas Edison. 

The Longs lived with Jennie's sister, Maggie Brant, her husband, Lindley Freeman, and their daughter, Ida. Ida was born in July 1882, just 6 years older than Marjorie. Though they were cousins, I have to imagine the two girls grew up as sisters. 

Maggie Brant died in 1893 at just 31 years old, leaving her husband a widower and Ida without a mother at age 11. Lindley and Ida continued to live with the Longs while Lindley worked as a painter. 

In 1908, 20-year-old Marjorie married Edward Bishop. Edward worked as a freight manager for a steamship. Together they had two sons, Robert and Everett. 

Ida, meanwhile, got a job as a maid for the Dennis family in Marlboro, New Jersey. She continued to work as a maid for many years. In the 1940 census, her occupation is listed as "practical nurse" and she is lodging in the home of a Mr. and Mrs. Crawford. 

Marjorie Long Bishop lived to be 75 years old and passed away in October 1963. 

Ida Brant Freeman passed away 5 years later in 1968 at age 86.

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Friday, August 20, 2021

Ella Martin Parker, Vermont/New Hampshire, 1860s

"Ella Martin
(Mrs Scott Parker)"

I had some difficulty researching the woman in this photograph. I was unable to find an Ella Martin who married a Scott Parker and lived in New Hampshire. I was, however, able to find an Ella Martin who married a Clark Parker and lived in Springfield, Vermont, which is right on the border between Vermont and New Hampshire. The ages between this woman and the one in the photograph match up. Ella spent the last years of her life in Massachusetts, where this photo was purchased. I think the details are close enough to be her- what do you think?

Ella Martin was born in Springfield, Vermont, on April 21st, 1852 to Dexter Martin, a chair manufacturer, and his wife Charlotte. She was one of 10 children, though several of her siblings died while still young. Two twin siblings, Collins Dexter and Lucy Jane, died on the same day in 1843 at the age of 3. An older brother, Horace Haywood, served with the 7th Vermont Infantry in the Civil War. After sailing aboard a steamer to Louisiana and witnessing the Battle of Baton Rouge in August 1862, Horace fell ill with tuberculosis. He died at the Marine Hospital in New Orleans at just 22 years old. Tuberculosis took another of Ella's brothers, Frederic Edmond, in 1869 at age 23. I have to wonder if perhaps Ella herself fell ill around this time, which would explain her short hair.

In 1876, when she was 24, Ella married Clark Converse Parker. They lived together on their farm in Springfield, the town they were both born and raised in. Ella and Clark had four children: Lula, Carl, Ernest Martin, and Alda Lottie. I couldn't find any record of Lula and Carl as adults, which leads me to believe they may have died young.

In 1908, 56-year-old Ella lost both her older brother, John Henry, and her husband, Clark. She continued to live in Springfield with her son Ernest, who worked as a machinist, her daughter, Alda, a teacher, and her sister, Lucy. 

In 1920, Ella is living as a boarder in the home of the Lawton family in Chester, Vermont. Her occupation is listed as "companion." 

In 1930, Ella has moved to Pittsfield, Massachusetts. At 77, she is living with her son Ernest and his family. In 1937, Ella fell ill. She spent the last months of her life living with her daughter Alda in Reading, Massachusetts. She passed away there on December 17th, 1937, at age 85.

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