Thursday, June 2, 2022

The McIntire Family, Corydon, Iowa 1890s-1900s

Top, Left to Right: Ella, Florence, Emma
Bottom, Left to Right: Walter, Laura, David

Around the turn of the century, the six McIntire siblings gathered for a portrait in their hometown of Corydon, Iowa. From here, their lives would lead them down different paths to marriage, divorce, children, and difficult times to come. 

Their father, Samuel McIntire was a farmer, born in Illinois around 1850. With his wife Sarah, he had two sons, David Clarence (born 1877) and James Walter (born 1878), followed by four daughters, Ella Mary (born 1880), Florence Nellie (born 1881), Emma Louisa (born 1884), and Laura (born 1888). After Sarah passed away in 1890, Samuel went on to marry Mary A. Richardson in 1895. Samuel passed away in 1907.

The eldest McIntire, David, made a living as a farmer, just as his father had. He married Florence Sutton in 1899. With her, he had two sons, Everett and Lloyd. In 1900, his sister Emma is also living with the family. David passed away in 1905 at just 28 years old. 

In 1900, the second McIntire son, Walter, is working as a farm laborer for the Cutler family in Union, Iowa. He would go on to farm his own land in Wayne County, Iowa. In 1909 he married teacher Grace Johnston. With her had four children: Verda, Twila, Leo, and Marvin, who died at just two days old. In 1922, Walter died of influenza at 44 years old. 

Ella McIntire married in 1897 to Charles Dorrah, a carpenter. The couple had eight children: Lennie, William, Walter, Ernest, Mabel, Robert, Everett, and Claude. They seemed to have moved often, first from Iowa to Kansas, then to Minnesota, where the family farmed. The Dorrahs would eventually return to Kansas, where Ella lived until her death in 1950 at 70 years old.

In 1900, Florence McIntire is living with her aunt and uncle, Thomas and Minerva Murphy, in Center, Iowa where she is attending school. In 1907 she married Benjamin Smith, a waiter, in Spokane, Washington. Florence would eventually divorce her husband and become a public health nurse. In 1930 she is living in Shelton, Washington as a lodger in the hotel of George Yamamoto and his wife, Shezuko. Florence worked as a nurse for 25 years before she passed away in Shelton in 1955 at 73 years old.

Emma McIntire married Thomas E. Lewis, a baggageman at a depot, in 1903. They had five children: Lawrence, Harold, Helen, Jack, and Raymond. Emma passed away in Los Angeles, California in 1962 at 78 years old.

The youngest McIntire, Laura, seems to have been raised separately from her siblings in the home of John Peter Sallman and his wife, Mary. Why exactly is unknown, though a note attached to her on Ancestry states that she "had a temper and was hard to get along with." I don't have any other details on Laura's early life. In 1919, she married Lewis B. Oakes, a carpenter, in Spokane, Washington. The couple would soon divorce. Laura took in lodgers at her home in Pasco, Washington in order to support herself. She continued to be a landlady until she passed away in Seattle in 1949 at 62 years old. 

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