Friday, April 19, 2019

Hugo Fuessel and Ella Zander, Taylor, Texas, 1906

Hugo Ludwig Fuessel was born in Pflugerville, Texas in 1884. He was the first child of Pauline and Ludwig Fuessel and the older brother of Frieda Fuessel, the subject of my last post. As a young man, he worked on the family farm with his father and brothers until he bought his own farm near Buckholts, Texas.

In 1906, Hugo married Ella Augusta Zander, who is misidentified as "Mary Sander" on this photo. Ella's parents, William and Carolina, were also German immigrants. William immigrated to the United States in 1873, followed by Carolina 8 years later. Ella was their second child. Hugo and Ella had 11 children of their own: Clara, Alexander, Conrad, Adolph, Lora, Freeman, Clarence, Hugo, Ella, Raymond, and Paula.

Four of Hugo and Ella's sons- Alexander, Conrad, Adolph, and Freeman- all served in the Second World War. They were inducted into service in 1941, the beginning of a difficult period for the Fuessel family. On July 3rd, 1942, Hugo was out plowing on his farm when he was struck by lightning. He was killed instantly. Though Ella had to endure the sudden loss of her husband and the absence of her four oldest sons all at once, she had the support of her community. 6 days after the tragedy she posted a brief note in the Cameron Herald thanking her neighbors and friends for their kindness. In September 1943, the family learned that Adolph had been captured in Sicily and was being held prisoner by the Germans. In May 1945, Ella was notified by the War Department that her son had finally been liberated and was safe. Alexander, Conrad, Adolph, and Freeman all returned home safely after the war.

Ella lived to be 85. When she passed away in 1970, she had 18 grandchildren and 33 great-grandchildren.

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Friday, April 5, 2019

Frieda Fuessel, Taylor, Texas 1900's

Frieda Fuessel was born in Pflugerville, Texas in 1888 to parents Carolina "Pauline" Walther and Ludwig Fuessel. Like the majority of the families in Pflugerville, the Fuessels were German. Pauline and Ludwig immigrated together from Germany to Texas in 1882, though they were not married until 1883. Frieda was their 4th child. She was one of 14 children in all, of which 11 lived to adulthood.
In 1908 at age 19, Frieda married Charles Galler, a German farmer from Nebraska. I think this photo may have been taken around that time.

Frieda and Charles lived together with Charles's brother, Emil, who helped them run their farm near Taylor, Texas. On November 6th, 1910, Edwin, their only child, was born. He had blonde hair and blue eyes like his father. After Frieda's mother passed away in 1924, her father moved in with the family. He lived with them until his death in 1939.  In 1940 the Gallers moved to Houston, where Edwin began working as a truck driver for an electric company. That same year he was drafted into the army. Sadly, Frieda died two years later at the age of 55 while her son was still overseas.

In next week's post, we'll discuss Frieda's older brother Hugo and his wife, Ella.

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