Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mrs. F.S. Adams 1890's-1900's, Waterville, Kansas

The back says:
 "To Edna
from Auntie,
M.J. Parker Adams

Mrs. F.S. Adams

I'm going to assume Mrs. F.S. Adams is the subject of this portrait. (If so, who are Edna and Auntie M.J.?) She is wearing a dress with large leg o' mutton sleeves that became popular in the mid-1890's into the late 1900's.

This doesn't exactly fit with this weeks prompt, but I thought I'd share it anyway!


  1. I wonder what kind of material the bodice and sleeves of her dress are made from? It looks like heavy satin from the way it keeps its shape in the leg o' mutton sleeves. And you're not completely off the mark. The picture is framed in an oval - a roundish shape. So there.

  2. Great photograph, even if the link is somewhat tenuous.

  3. Noticed she is not looking at the camera. My father had a thing about not looking at the camera. I think it might have been an idea of candid, or informal images.

  4. She has lovely hair. The blouse does look to be of quite heavy fabric doesn't it. According to Ancestry there is F.S. Adams living at Waterville in 1915. I don't have a world subscription. I'm imagining that's her husband...born about 1865.

  5. I did a little more research and I think I was able to find her! Her name was Margaret (Maggie for short) and her husband was Franklin S Adams. They had two children, Milton and Alma. Thank you for commenting, I love her hair as well!

  6. I'm thinking her dress might have been made of taffeta perhaps....

  7. My goodness those are magnificent sleeves!