Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Adolf, George, and Johannes Baur 1890's-1900's Moulton, Texas

This is a cabinet card of three handsome brothers. The youngest boy, Adolf, who looks about 18 or 19, is on the left leaning against a painted wooden prop. The eldest brother, George (or Papa Baur) is in the middle sitting on the fake stone wall. To the right is the middle child, Johannes, or John. His hand is resting on an interesting looking table where he has set down his hat.

 Both the photographer and the brother's names sound German, which makes sense, since Moulton, Texas was home to many German and Czech families during the mid-1800's and onward.

If you know who these fine young men may be, let us know in the comments!


  1. Since George is listed as "Papa" -- he and his brothers were the sons of "Aug" and Amelia Baur.

    George's death record:


    George's family (in 1900)


    George "Jr." full name is given as "George Frank August Baur" (b. 23 Apr 1895 d. 20 Oct 1972)

    George "Jr." also had a son named George - George Weldon Baur who's grave is shown here:


    It appears George (Sr) and his heirs lived in Pasadena, Harris, Texas.

  2. George Weldon (the pictured George's grandson) obituary is here:


    1. It's amazing you found their living relatives!It's a shame there's no way for me to contact them. I wonder if they have any interest in their family history?

  3. I found some addresses (but no email addresses) but I won't post them here.

  4. Handsome men. Nice photo. I hope it gets 'home'.
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)